15 Day Program: Body Detox and Liver Cleanse

My Spa’s 15 Day Program includes:
Body Detox and Liver Cleanse

■  See My Spa’s >  Detoxing:  Body Detox and Liver Cleanse Protocol
■  Unlimited juices
■  Unlimited Bee Pollen
■  Unlimited Distilled Water enhanced with H2O2 and bioavailable minerals
■  1 Enema bag
Raw food and Juice preparation classes■  Beginners Private Nutritional Library
■  Nutritional Lectures
■  Power walk
■  Sunbathing
■  Juice Fasting / Transitional Diets ■  Enema’s
■  Raw food and Juice preparation classes
■  Wheatgrass juice and Blue green algae from E3Live
■  Alternative healing and Nutritional Videos

Your Health is an Investment not an Expense

My Spa Saint Barth – 15 Day Program:

Heal Yourself in 15 Days■  Maximum 4 persons per Liver Cleanse Program
■  Minimum time for a full Liver Cleanse is 12 to 15 days
■  25% Discount for 2 + participants
■  Please contact us for more information

Pricing based on participation in your Private Villa on the Isle of Saint Barth.

My Spa International 15 Day Program:

Same as “My Spa Saint Barth” above plus Travel Expenses:

■  Air Travel  ■  Car/Taxi rental  ■  Lodging (Hotel/Airbnb)  ■  Miscellaneous

International Map 3D

My Spa’s 15 Day Program Terms:

Refunds:  If you cannot complete the program due to any reason, you’ll be fully refunded for the day’s you are not participating.

Mailing Address:  Please provide us with your mailing address.  We will send you the Nutritional Library and Enema Kit via Amazon to the address provided.

Disclaimer:  All information herein is for educational purposes. These guidelines are not intended to constitute medical treatment or advice of any nature. Any person desiring to make changes in their diet should consult his or her medical physician and should remain under the physician’s medical supervision and advice.

Optional Services:

At local practitioner’s cost (highly recommended):

■  Yoga Classes  ■  Massages  ■  Colonics

St. Barths Massage by Sea
St.Barths Yoga by the Sea

Daily Massages, Yoga poses, and enemas help in the detoxification process.


■  Omega Juicer NC900HDC
■  Citrus Juicer
■  Water Distiller H2OLabs 300ssf (230 Volt), US model 300s (110volt)
■  Blender BlendTec™ or VitaMix™

Omega Juicer NC900HDC BlendTec or VitaMix Blender

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